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Friday, April 3, 2009

On the Frequency of Shop Updates

For a long time, I would make 7-20 new items every weekend and slowly release them throughout the week, you know- 1-3 items per day. Then, in the past month, I began to think, "hey! I'm gonna make things when it comes to me, and list things when they're made!" I'm undecided on my shop update "style", at this point, but I am reflecting on my own preferences, as a shopper...

I find myself more interested in keeping tuned with a shop (soap, etc.) when I know exactly when the next update is expected. A suggestion of "stay tuned" or "coming soon" makes me half-heartedly want to check back, but also means I probably won't be leaping at the new products if I have to keep checking back daily in order to see them.

What say you, o' shoppers and buyers of things?

1 comment:

  1. I think it helps a lot to have a specific day and even time that you update. I know another jewelry artist who has a big fan following, and I was visiting a friend who is one of said fans once - she had to excuse herself for 20 minutes to go obsessively reload the website to try and snag newly added items before anyone else did.

    Of course, this little story is an extreme case, but in an ideal world every talented artist one day develops their own cult following. :) And I think it helps to cultivate that by having a loudly announced update time, even if it's as infrequently as "The first Thursday of each month, at 7pm" or something.

    That said, I'm still working out my own update schedule. :) I definitely think having one is a very good thing, and you've really got me thinking!