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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sea Glass for Sale!!!

Well, between my incessant beachcombing, and the enormous amount I bought locally, I have in my possession many, many pieces that I can use, and then some that I can not. Pieces I can not use are either too small, too large, or not smoothed the way I'd like. I think they'd be usable by jewelry artists who do bezel setting, PMC, mosaic, assemblage, mixed media work or in home decor.

At present, I've only made it through about 70% of the mainly white sea glass. White is my least adored color of sea glass, and perhaps the most common, so I have had lots and lots to offer in that hue. What I've got is in shop now. Keep an eye out, because coming up I will add some pottery, crockery, more white glass, and smaller amounts of all the other colors of sea glass, too.

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