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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We Amuse Me

An amusing IM conversation I had today,transcribed- uncut for your reading pleasure!

Me: i made enough curry that it looks like i'll have lunch for tomorrow *and* friday!
Manfriend: that's pretty exciting
Manfriend: if you like curry
Me: yes it is
Manfriend: if you don't, it's kind of gross
Me: i like having real food for dinner
Me: i mean lunch
Manfriend: yeah, it's cool
Me: instead of a little of this a little of that.
Me: which is cool sometimes
Manfriend: you could get lunchables
Me: pretty balanced curry though
Me: haha
Me: hunny
Me: that's icky
Me: have you seen what is really in lunchables? i mean what they consist of?
Manfriend: nope, not really
Me: some are like nacho chips and cheese
Me: and a candybar
Me: some are cold pizza makings eaten cold
Manfriend: i assume they're good because their name includes "lunch"
Me: they are perfect for lunch!
Me: and growing children!
Manfriend: yeah, especially if they're growing horizontally

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here there Be Savings! (Yargh)

Tonight, Sojourn Curiosities will be partaking in the notorious SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL!!!!

Three levels of savings!

Here’s the deal:
Take 20% off your order totaling up to $75, before shipping. Orders over $75 before shipping, take 25% off your order total. Orders over $125, before shipping may take 30% off the order total!
The nitty gritty:
To receive this discount, you must checkout, but *not* proceed to Paypal for payment. I will e-mail an adjusted Paypal invoice to you through which you may complete payment.
Please be sure to put the phrase “SNS” in notes to seller on Etsy checkout. Sale prices valid through 9 a.m. Sunday morning (4/26.)

p.s. Each purchase enters you into the "Treasures from the Deep Giveaway" I'm having with Heathen's Hearth!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Not All Apples are Poison

In fact, this one, while downright sinful, promises to be an entirely HEAVENLY experience!

Behold, the Almond Joy Caramel Apple by Double Dipped Sweets!

I can't wait for mine to arrive. Doncha just want one, now?!


From time to time, items go on hiatus from the shop. Sometimes they are off to a retail location, sometimes I am on the fence about them, sometimes I want to re-photograph them, and don't get around to it. This week, I have a mixed batch of things Not Seen in a While to return to the shop. Some are already in there, some are on the way. Some you haven't seen in over a year, others have been there on page 4, awaiting a re-shoot.

Here's a sneak peek!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Treasures from the Deep Giveaway!

Sojourncuriosities and Heathen's Hearth have put our noggins together and come up with a giveaway that will have you praising Poseidon himself!

We are offering a bountiful plunder worth more than $50! One lucky winner will receive the following:

From Sojourncuriosities....

From Heathen's Hearth....

So how do you enter this fabulous giveaway? Let me tell you!

  • Blog about our contest (please convo or comment in either blog with a link to the post for verification).
  • Use a social networking site to talk about our shop (again, please link to page in a comment in one of our blogs... Valid sites are Twitter, Myspace, Plurk, Facebook, etc...).
  • Purchases from either or both shops: Any purchase made from our shops will earn you entries into the give away. 1 extra entry for each item purchased. Make sure you leave a comment letting us know you purchased!
  • Be a follower of our blogs. If you already are, make sure you leave a comment letting us know!

This giveaway will end Sunday, May 3rd at 11:59 PM! The winner will be randomly chosen after all entries are tallied using

Thanks! Now go spread the word!

Romantic Steampunk

My new antique keys are here, and I've been wrapping up a storm. Lots of "clockwork" style additions to the Passage series this week: blue, purple, red, pink, and more to come.

Here's a glimpse:

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Ah, spring. Taxtime, rebirth, peeping chicks, greenery... did I mention taxes?

Crunch time, it is. However, I have managed to create a few beauties! Here is a sampling of what is to come.

Sea ceramic in a blush hue, rosy and gilded.
Sea glass in honey-amber brown.

Friday, April 3, 2009

On the Frequency of Shop Updates

For a long time, I would make 7-20 new items every weekend and slowly release them throughout the week, you know- 1-3 items per day. Then, in the past month, I began to think, "hey! I'm gonna make things when it comes to me, and list things when they're made!" I'm undecided on my shop update "style", at this point, but I am reflecting on my own preferences, as a shopper...

I find myself more interested in keeping tuned with a shop (soap, etc.) when I know exactly when the next update is expected. A suggestion of "stay tuned" or "coming soon" makes me half-heartedly want to check back, but also means I probably won't be leaping at the new products if I have to keep checking back daily in order to see them.

What say you, o' shoppers and buyers of things?