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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We Amuse Me

An amusing IM conversation I had today,transcribed- uncut for your reading pleasure!

Me: i made enough curry that it looks like i'll have lunch for tomorrow *and* friday!
Manfriend: that's pretty exciting
Manfriend: if you like curry
Me: yes it is
Manfriend: if you don't, it's kind of gross
Me: i like having real food for dinner
Me: i mean lunch
Manfriend: yeah, it's cool
Me: instead of a little of this a little of that.
Me: which is cool sometimes
Manfriend: you could get lunchables
Me: pretty balanced curry though
Me: haha
Me: hunny
Me: that's icky
Me: have you seen what is really in lunchables? i mean what they consist of?
Manfriend: nope, not really
Me: some are like nacho chips and cheese
Me: and a candybar
Me: some are cold pizza makings eaten cold
Manfriend: i assume they're good because their name includes "lunch"
Me: they are perfect for lunch!
Me: and growing children!
Manfriend: yeah, especially if they're growing horizontally


  1. Ahhh the lovely widening of the american public.. Lunchables... so NOT good eats.

    stick with the curry. YUM

  2. It is awesome curry! Unconventional- spinach, edamame, carrots and brown rice- but amazing!